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Bleach OTP - Kurosaki Ichigo x Inoue Orihime
"Inoue... I'll get stronger... And then... Next time... I'll definitely protect you!!"
"She's calling me... I can hear her... Stand... Stand up... I... I... I WILL PROTECT HER."

"If only I had five lives! Then I could be from five different towns! And stuff myself on five different types of food! And have five different jobs... And I could... Fall in love with the same person five times."
"He won't sustain anymore serious injuries that he can't recover from. Because I'll heal all his wounds, no matter how serious or hopeless!"

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 "at a time like this when we need to be focusing our energies, you jackasses...smooshed my cake!"


ICHIHIME —  protect each other

"Next time i’ll definitely will protect you!"I will protect Kurosaki-kun"